Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I joined the 40 club!

Well yesterday, I joined the forty club (Yeah Me). It was nice and quite just the way I wanted it. I had breakfast with a dear friend and her two girls in the am.


Than I had to run some errands. After errands, I was able to come home and hang out with Brayden (baby boy) for most of the day. Spending time with him was the only present I needed. No matter what kind of day I am, having this little guy can always turn my frown upside down instantly. For dinner, my in laws (who I love dearly) came over and we ordered out for some pizza and subs from one of my favorite places. Yep, no cooking for me last night (a birthday present in itself Awesome!). Sadly, I have no pictures because I cannot find the card for my camera, Talk about frustrating! I will be tearing the house apart today looking for it though. I know me. I probably put it in a safe place after I downloaded my pictures and I forgot where that safe place was. I do this all the time and it dives me crazy. Yes, that is another issue I have to work on. Tonight is birthday dinner with my girls and I am really looking forward to it. We are going to on of my favorite places, Carrrabba’s. Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends… Life is good. I am one lucky girl.

Love those baby blues!
Hugs Tina


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY, so glad you had a great day!!!

    Can't wait for dinner tonight!!!

    Love the cake...did you save me a piece????

    Love ya girlie...see you tonight!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Tina!! Found you through Jocelyn, Sooooo jealous you live near her... I just love her to pieces, looking forward to getting to know you! Welcome to Blogland and scratching things off the "Bucket List"!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Many happy blessings and good wishes being sent your way. By the way...that room of yours is DELISH!!!! LOVE, Love, Love...did I mention that I love the green? Hee,hee. Awesome job..I would never attempt to be so brave as you and do repairs on my own...I KNOW my limitations, but I am super impressed by YOU!!! ENJOY YOUR HAPPY SPACE!
    PS: Jocelyn sent me over :)

  4. Happy birthday Tina! Welcome to the club *teehee* The most lovely women are over 40, did you know that? I hope you had a wonderful diner, but I'm sure you had since Jocelyn was there too, wasn't she? (I came here through her) Enjoy blogging!!!

  5. So glad you finally got your blog & Etsy shop going! So very proud of you!! I wish I could have been there to celebrate your birthday because I miss you so very very much! Just know I was thinking of you & cant wait to see you!

  6. Hi from the UK...pleased to 'meet' you!! The recommendation to visit came from Jocelyn, whom I love to bits, & having just caught up on your last two posts I can see we have much in common too!!! I'm also a 'LIST' a bit of DIY (although I am awe of your list of DIY accomplishments in your studio!) in a male dominated household & need that bolt-hole which I do call my scraproom!

    Welcome to Blogland...& to the realm of the 40+...I know you're going to have fun here!! Right now I'm off to take a look-see at your Etsy shop!! Be back soon!! :)